With the motto "Prestige - Quality - Dedication", Dental Clinic always ensures optimal benefits for customers using services at our dental clinic. That is shown through clearly and specifically stated warranty policies for each service.

Dental Clinic applies genuine warranty (ceramic teeth, implants) and warranty support from the dentist. Warranty content, regulations and conditions are clearly stated on the warranty card and accompanying documents.

Warranty conditions

Be a customer using Dental products and services

Warranty card is valid, intact, not erased or modified

The information on the card matches customer data at Nha Khoa

Carry out re-examination and take full check-up films according to appointment (if any)

Perform dental care at home according to your doctor's instructions

Case not covered by warranty

Warranty period expired

Cases of not ensuring oral hygiene (smoking, improper oral hygiene...).

Cases where regular follow-up examinations are not performed according to instructions.

Cases of new diseases appearing that affect oral health after being treated at the clinic (diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, radiation therapy for cancer, epilepsy, teeth grinding, etc.).

Cases of injury due to accidents, sports or other causes

Cases of natural degeneration of teeth or gums.

Cases where old treatments were not performed by the Dental Clinic

Cases where the patient wants to change the treatment results compared to the plan previously agreed with the doctor.

Cases of treatment at the patient's request despite being warned by the doctor that the teeth are easy to fall, break, or are not durable...

Cases requiring intervention by doctors elsewhere before returning to dentistry

Cases caused intentionally by customers